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I’m really excited that I can finally share what we’ve been working on in secret. Musk Reads has grown surprisingly fast over the past three years, and I’ve been racking my brain trying to work out how to make it more valuable to Tesla investors, Elon Musk fans, and even his critics. 

We’ve come up with something we hope you’re going to love: Musk Reads+.

If Musk Reads classic is a digest of all things Elon, then Musk Reads+ is the unabridged, thoughtful, guide that I hope will help you understand not just Elon, but the broader future he envisions.

Here is what you will gain from Musk Reads+

  • Three emails per week, enabling fans to go deeper into the week’s Tesla & SpaceX news.

  • Original interviews and reporting, longform analysis, previews and recaps of major events, including earnings calls and more.

  • Community-focused extras like responses to reader mail, an upcoming event calendar, and notable anniversaries.

  • An archive of previous subscriber-only content, so you can easily read back over what you might have missed.

All of this will be offered at a competitive price of $120 USD per year.

It has been an eventful three years since we launched.

We’ve seen Tesla unveil the Cybertruck, start shipping the Model Y, and begin fitting solar roofs to homes. The firm went from “production hell” to shipping its millionth car. On the SpaceX side, the Crew Dragon sent its first humans into space, the Starship has completed its first hop tests, and the Falcon Heavy has successfully sent Musk’s Tesla Roadster on a tour of the solar system.

Along the way, Musk Reads has been tracking these advancements.

  • We interviewed one of the first owners of a Tesla Solar Roof, gathering insights into how it could transform your energy usage.

  • We covered The Boring Company’s outlandish flamethrower handover, speaking with one of the winners of an exclusive competition.

  • We even interviewed astronaut Doug Hurley, ahead of his historic flight as one of the first two people to ever fly into space on a SpaceX rocket.

We wouldn't be able to continue Musk Reads without your incredible support. We believe that Musk Reads+ will enable our readers to receive access to the premium features they want to see most, while enabling us to continue providing for our readers in the long term.


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