Mike, Tim Neslon makes a good point. Maybe there a site where we can read in chronological order, the movment of the Starlink deployment (OPERATIONAL ORBIT) and who is now seeing some positive impact for receiving the signal? Or there should be.

Also noted that we have paid the $99 for the opportunity to Beta Test..but I have no clue. 60 sats are going up everal times a month and yet there is no information as to how those are coming ON LINE.

I often think about the conversation I get to have with my current provider's customer service representative when I cut them off from my pocket book. The TV Sat service as well.

Maybe an UP-TO-Date website with some information of the deployment status and of course the date and time of this new nformation to know it is not several weeks or several months old as i , could go a long way

If it already exists...where?

Such as Latitudes "Now being Served" I know the first inkling STARLINK is Overhead and soon to go active for this area..my remaining $400 is off in minutes after I receive that notice

Thank you

Tim Doreck

Prunedale, Ca

Lat 36. Lon 121.

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When will I receive my star link gear?

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