Oct 26, 2021Liked by Ashley Bardhan

It would be difficult to find a bigger Elon Musk fan than me but I think you have Missy Cummings all wrong. I follow her and have heard her talk. She does mention LIDAR but from listening to her I do not believe she is certain that it is all important, it is just another tool. When Tesla refers to its product as "Full Self-Driving" some may interpret that to mean you can sit in the back and fall asleep while the Tesla drives itself. Let's change the name to something like "Advanced Driver-Assist". I suspect that would help. Cummings actually trained a former Tesla employee in charge of self driving development and she encourages everyone trying to improve computer assisted driving. She just does not feel it is as advanced as many Tesla fans believe. She can actually help by curbing excess hype. She is not one of the bad guys.

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